10am Sat 2nd June - 5pm 3rd June 2018

A living history lesson: Devon D-Day at Saunton Sands

Hosted by Friends of the Assault Training Center and attended by the 304th Panzergrenadiers and the 2nd Devons.

Friends of the Assault Training Center will be hosting Devon D-Day 2018 at Saunton for the 75th Anniversary of the creation of the Assault Training Center when American soliders started arriving for their training for D-Day 1944.

Saturday 2nd June 2018 will be a WW2 Vehicle Convoy starting at Cobbaton Combat Collection and arriving at Saunton Sands around lunchtime.

On Sunday 3rd June 2018 Saunton D-Day will be hosting their event on Saunton Beach.


Community Organization
The LHA is an association of reenactors whose aim is to display the equipment, uniforms and personal items of the armies that operated in Europe in WW2.
Education · Braunton
We are a North Devon, England based not for profit group. We research, educate and preserve history of the US Army Assault Training Center in North Devon.
Community · Weston-super-Mare
A ww2 re-enactment group based in the South West of England, portraying the 304th Panzer Grenadier Regiment of the 2nd Panzer Division.