Monday 16th December

Unlimited 90's and 00's

Monday 16th December

Relive the 90s and 00s at this fantastic party night with dinner and disco.

Everyone loves classic songs from these eras, so it's bound to be a great night out.


  • Festive dinner
  • Disco

Ticket Only: £28

Room and Breakfast + Ticket: £99

Room and Breakfast + Ticket + 30 Minute Source Treatment: £120


We're delighted to invite you to experience our exhilarating new spa, Source Spa and Wellness

Whether you choose to use our facilities before your party or to recover from the night before, we've captured the essence of our pure natural environment to create a world-class spa that lets you find yourself in nature.

Our treatments and therapies will make you feel reinvigorated.  Outisde, refreshing dips in nature's jacuzzi will definitely blow away the cobwebs.

We know how busy and frantic daily life can be, so we invite you to leave it all behind and cocoon yourself in pure bliss and rejuvenation.


Call our Events Team on 01271 890212 (9am-5pm Monday-Friday) or email