14th May 2018

Pssst, check out these secret beaches in Devon and Cornwall

As we all know, there are a number of popular and much-loved beaches in the South West. Such as our own Saunton Sands, Woolacombe and Croyde here in North Devon. 

But then there is also an abundance of remote, hidden, and secret beaches throughout the West Country that are off the radar for tourists, known to locals only.  

Discussing just a handful of such beaches, this news article from our umbrella company Brend Hotels features locations such as Lee Bay, Peppercorn Valley and Beach, Woody Bay and more - all within the region surrounding our hotel.

If you don't mind popping on a pair of solid walking boots and carrying supplies, reaching these locations is worth the effort for the jaw-dropping scenery, the embrace of nature and the calm silence that comes with being away from the crowds. 

Have a read of this news piece, do you think you'll give them a visit when staying with us?