Source Spa Protocols for Hotel Residents

We are delighted to welcome you to Source Spa and Wellness at Saunton Sands Hotel.  

To ensure the welfare and safety of our staff and guests during your visit, we politely request that you read the below information carefully.

Booking-in Procedure

  • If you wish to use the gym, indoor pool or take part in a class whilst you are here, please contact our spa team on 01271 890212 or 003 from your room, who will be happy to book in your slot. Please note that bookings can only be made the day before you wish to use the facilities and block bookings won’t be accepted. Classes, however, may be booked up to 7 days in advance.
  • We politely ask you to be considerate of other guests and our spa members, if you are unable to make your booking, please let our team know so we can allocate this space to someone else. 

Please continue reading before you make a booking and for further guidance on using Source Spa and Wellness throughout your stay with us.

Before you arrive

  • Before arriving at Source Spa, please make sure you have pre booked your time slot and arrive on time.
  • Please get changed into your robe and flip flops provided in your bedroom prior to arriving at Source Spa Reception. Also, please bring the extra towels provided to use by the pool area. 
  • The Spa changing rooms are closed to residents, so please shower in your room before and after attending Source Spa. The spa toilets however, will be available to use for adults only during your spa time. 
  • Please check in at Source Spa Reception and advise Reception when you exit.
  • Our team will be wiping down surfaces and cleaning all spa areas on an hourly basis. However, we kindly ask you to use the hand sanitizing stations provided as you enter and exit.
  • Masks only need to worn if you are having a treatment (more info below). Masks are not necessary throughout the rest of the spa.

Indoor Pool

  • 45-minute slots will be available to book with a maximum capacity of 12 people at a time. Please see our ‘Booking-in Procedure’ above. Bookings will be made on the hour to allow for our staff to go in for 15 minutes prior to your arrival to clean down the surfaces. 
  • The pool area will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.


  • If you wish to book a treatment with us, we will be offering our full treatment menu subject to availability. 
  • Our therapists will wear PPE; masks and visors to ensure your safety and theirs. 
  • Please note that masks must be worn throughout treatments, only to be removed when advised by your therapist. We have masks available for you to use.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your treatment is due to start. This is to allow time to fill out a consultation form on a sanitized iPad
  • The treatment rooms will be fully sanitized between treatments and there will be a 15 minute gap between treatments to allow for our therapists to prepare for your arrival.

Post Treatment Relaxation Room & Sun Deck

  • The Relaxation Room and Sun Deck are for guests who have enjoyed a treatment with us and for our Source Spa Members only.
  • After your treatment, we will take you up to the Relaxation Room where you can enjoy the spectacular view with a cup of infused tea. 
  • This is a relaxation zone, so we politely request that you are mindful of other guests in this area. 
  • We have removed magazines from the area, but you are welcome to bring your own, please just take it with you when you leave.
  • We will be providing infused water and glasses however you are more than welcome to order yourself a drink up here also. 

Indoor Gym

  • 1-hour slots with a maximum capacity of 4 people at a time, please see the ‘booking-in’ procedure above.
  • Please arrive at the gym in your workout gear and shower in your room to avoid overcrowding the changing rooms.
  • Hand sanitizing and wipe down stations are available, and we ask that you wipe down each piece of equipment thoroughly before and after each use.
  • You will be provided with one green card and one red card on arrival, this is for making the machines to allow for social distancing: The green card is to mark the machine you are using and the red card is to indicate the machines to the right and left of you, which other people cannot use.
  • Sweat towels won’t be provided, please bring your own.

Thermal Suite

The Thermal Suite remains closed until further notice. When we can open, we will also run a booking-in system as with the pool and gym.


  • Instructors who provide fitness classes have been consulted and provided written procedures to keep both themselves and guest Covid safe. 
  • Classes will take place in the Activity Dome on the lawn.
  • Class sizes will not exceed the current government guidelines.
  • Sanitized mats will be provided and we ask you to wipe down your own mat after use, however we actively encourage all guests to bring their own if possible.
  • Please be prepared with warmer clothes on colder days for your own comfort during the less physical classes.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact Source Reception on 01271 890212