21st April 2021


We are lucky enough to be situated in a world-class environment of dunes, grassland and moors, coastline and sea in one of just seven UNESCO World Biosphere designations in the UK. It's so important to preserve this natural wonder that we ask our guests to respect and protect these sensational surroundings so they can be enjoyed by generations to come. 


Plastic Free North Devon 

We all know the devastating effects of singleuse plastics on the environment. This charity, set up by local volunteers, fights to improve our local habitat through community-led action.

North Devon Biosphere Reserve 

We support the Biosphere Business Partner Eco Charter to celebrate the connections between humans, nature and our cultural heritage for a positive future. The partnership is part of the EU-funded BioCultural Heritage Tourism Project which aims to increase the economic value of tourism based on natural and cultural resources, while reducing environmental impact.

South West Coast Path 

So much more than just a 630-mile trail, the Path is a source of inspiration, a beacon of hope during difficult times and a place where people realise just what they're capable of. As a corporate partner, we are helping to celebrate and preserve one of the best walks in the world.


Beach Cleans 

Do a #2MinuteBeachClean every time you visit the beach or walk the Coast Path. Ask at reception to borrow a litter picker, take a bag or fill your pockets and make it a fun family activity like the locals do. 

Refill & Reuse 

Come prepared by bringing refillable bottles with you so you don't need to buy plastic water bottles on days out. 


If you enjoy exploring the region by walking the South West Coast Path, why not donate to help preserve it? Visit www.southwestcoastpath.org.uk to find out more.


We have an environmental action plan and are committed to looking after the environment in the following ways: 

  • Recycling - We've diverted 80 per cent of our waste from landfill. 

  • Creating green energy -  All food waste is converted into electricity. 

  • Energy reduction - We’ve reduced our total energy use and Co2 emissions by 15 per cent since 2006. That's an estimated 6000 tonnes so far. 

  • Sourcing locally -  We support local farmers to cut unnecessary food miles. 

  • Changing bulbs -  We use low energy LED lights. 

  • Renewable solar and biomass energy  -  The hotel is now functioning on 70 per cent renewable energy and we have a biomass woodchip boiler. 

  • Championing sustainable tourism - See our website for our awards and nominations. 

  • Promoting leaders - Our environmental team drives initiatives and continually monitors our energy use.