17th April 2019

Saunton Sands Golden Mile

Saunton Sands beach has held some incredible events over the years and we’re incredibly excited to add the new Saunton Sands Golden Mile racing event to the archives. The event on September 21st-22nd will be packed with pre-1995 hotrods, bikes, aero-engined cars and more specials, racing across one of the most stunning beaches in the UK.

The roaring event will see classic cars and bikes pedal to the medal, in races against each other (as a part of the Gold Rush) and to beat their own time (the Golden Mile). The Gold Rush is an untimed flagged drag race of 1/8th of a mile, purely for the joy of racing, where you will compete against other close-dated vehicles. While the Golden Mile is a 1/8th mile run up to a flying mile, where the top speed will be recorded and registered in the Lundy Flyers Official Book of Speed.

Visit The Lundy Flyers Facebook page for more information or to get in touch: https://www.facebook.com/lundyflyersgoldenmile/

After the exhilarating event, why not book in for a luxurious night at Saunton Sands Hotel? Sinking into a sumptuous bed within spacious surroundings and high quality furnishings is a fitting and comfortable end to a thrilling weekend.

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