21st September 2018

Saunton Sands: One of the best places to photograph in North Devon

Saunton Sands beach is one of the best places to photograph in North Devon.

It's a fact that anyone who has stayed at the hotel or visited the beach will know, but it's also great to see the beach included in a news article by Brend Hotels, the luxury group that Saunton Sands Hotel belongs to.

They've created a piece entitled 10 places to photograph in Devon and Cornwall, and of course, Saunton Sands had to feature. 

They said: 

"Keeping in mind that the North Devon coast is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, think of how beautiful the beaches must be.

In fact, they are award winning! Popular with locals and tourists alike, they are some of the best in the UK and deserve to be photographed from every angle... any beach on the north coast is simply a must visit for all photographers.

But we’re highlighting Saunton Sands for a number of reasons.

The three miles of golden sands stretch along the coast from sea to estuary. The sand dunes - named Braunton Burrows - are a unique sight and can be climbed for stunning views. They are a World Heritage site and UNESCO Biosphere region, meaning they are unique in flora and fauna. It all adds up to create unique photo opportunities. When the sun sets behind the horizon, there’s nowhere better to be.

Pop up to Saunton Sands Hotel to take it all in and you’ll see what we mean.

Quite simply, don’t forget your camera!"

As mentioned, from the grounds in front of the hotel the sea stretches off west with Lundy Island and beautiful sunsets on the horizon. The golden beach runs ahead to the south of the hotel, curving inland to an estuary that is visible on a clear day. Then to the east are the sand dunes, dominating the landscape. 

Overlooking the waves lapse against the beach, we really don't think there is anywhere better in Devon to enjoy perfect beach views than from Saunton Sands Hotel. 

From the beach itself, photographers of all levels will want to take home memories of the sands, the surf and the dunes.

Colourful and bright during a sunny day, moody and dramatic in the rain, mysterious when the fog comes in, stunning when the sun sets, a day on the beach will provide many photo opportunities. 

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