Ice Fountain & Contrast Showers

Ice therapy is no stranger to health and wellness spas as part of a ‘Thermal Journey’. It’s long been acknowledged that ice therapy and immersing yourself in cold water can have amazing results, not just for athletes, it’s become an extremely popular in many realms of health and beauty.

Ice Fountains and Contrast Showers have been known to provide a number of health and beauty benefits*:

  • Natural stress relief
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Pain relief
  • Elimination of waste products
  • Cleansed skin and nails
  • Shiny hair
  • Help with depression
  • Increase alertness
  • Weight loss
  • Improve immunity and circulation
  • Alertness

Here at the Source Spa and Wellness, Contrast Showers and an Ice Fountain will join our Thermal Suite as part of our new luxury spa on the coast of North Devon. The showers will have cold and warm settings, so you can gently immerse yourself in a downpour of cold water. The Ice Fountain is a beautiful feature; a marble bowl of flaked ice continually topped up with via ‘the fountain’, allowing you to douse yourself with ice.

Read more about how cold exposure could be beneficial to your health and wellbeing and its beauty benefits. 

Top Tips*

• Some experts claim that the principle is 3 -1. You want to be in the hot water 3 times longer than the cold water, so 90 seconds hot, 30 seconds cold.

• Due to cold water and ice helping to close the skin’s pores, we advise not to have a cold shower or rub ice into your skin directly following a dip in any of our pools, as there is the potential to trap chemicals etc. in the pores potentially causing rashes and irritation, please be sure to shower with warm water first

• Read how to incorporate cold exposure into your thermal journey here


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