19th December 2021

Meet the artist behind Saunton Sands latest commission

Local artist Justine from Jagoart was recently commissioned by us to draw Saunton Sands Hotel, following the popularity of our Becky Bettesworth print. Keep reading to find out more about her story and her latest endeavour. 

What started as simply drawing a dog portrait for a friend's housewarming gift soon became Justine’s next adventure when she quit her job as a teaching assistant to start her own business doing pet portraits. In pursuit of flexible working hours that would fit around her life with daughter Emily, Justine took the gamble around 4 years ago now and hasn’t looked back since. 

Prior to last winter, Justine used watercolours and coloured pencils to produce pet portraits until one evening when she decided to try something new. After playing around on her iPad, she produced a stunning picture of her hometown Westward Ho!

Her ‘vintage poster style’ digital illustrations are often inspired by the things around her and self-taught artist Justine says she loves being ‘free from rules’ when drawing. Like a lot of us, Justine said it was the recent lockdown that made her appreciate the stunning scenery on her doorstep which she historically took for granted. 

Taking yet another gamble, Justine invested in a trailer, heat press and further stock to start her own shop in Westward Ho last summer where she sold 6 images of the local area as well as plenty of other prints featuring watercolour animals. It was at her trailer where Justine was first approached by Director Peter Brend and his wife Kelly to do a commission of Saunton Sands Hotel. She couldn’t believe her luck when approached by Peter and Kelly and soon she embarked on her first commission. 

Something about Saunton

With the Saunton commission taking more than 80 hours to draw from scratch on her iPad (yes, 80 hours!), Justine pointed out that her favourite thing about the drawing was the detailed deck chair - can you spot it? 

“To make a start I visited Saunton Sands and took loads of photos from different places whilst still trying to capture the all-important iconic image Saunton is known and loved for. I then got started with the iPad, adding shape by shape and organising the proportions before adding further detail. Once the basic shapes and colours are in, I then add detail layer by layer and watch it materialise in front of me” 

Here at Saunton Sands Hotel, we are so chuffed with the outcome of Justine’s hard work and we are so excited to share it with all of you too. 


For more information on Jagosart, visit her website or take a look at her on social media. 

Please note: The trailer at Westward ho is only open throughout the holiday season. 

Facebook & Instagram: @jagosart 

Website: www.jagosart.co.uk

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