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Dogs Stay Free this November

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As November ushers in its crisp air and the winter season slowly approaches, it's time to plan a special getaway that includes your furry friend. At Saunton Sands Hotel, we're thrilled to announce a heartwarming offer that's bound to make tails wag with joy! Throughout the entire month of November, your four-legged family members can stay for free in our Saunton Apartments, allowing you to embark on a memorable holiday together. With the breathtaking Saunton Sands Beach right at your doorstep, this is the perfect opportunity for you and your canine companion to enjoy the ultimate getaway.

Instow Apartment Lounge

Saunton Apartments: Your Home Away From Home:

Our Saunton Apartments offer the ideal retreat for both you and your beloved pup. These spacious and well-appointed accommodations are designed to provide you with all the comforts of home, making your stay not only convenient but also incredibly enjoyable. The apartments are fully equipped with modern amenities, ensuring that your stay is as relaxing as possible.

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Saunton Sands Beach

A Dog's Paradise at Saunton Sands Beach:

One of the highlights of your stay at Saunton Apartments is the proximity to Saunton Sands Beach, a haven for dogs of all shapes and sizes. This pristine, golden sandy beach stretches for miles along the North Devon coastline, offering an idyllic setting for your dog to run, play, and splash in the sea. It's truly a place where dogs can live their best life!

Dog running on Saunton Beach with the sunset

Why Saunton Sands Beach is Perfect for Dogs:

  • Wide Open Space: The vast, open expanse of Saunton Sands Beach provides ample room for your furry friend to run freely and burn off energy.
  • Dog-Friendly All Year Round: Unlike some beaches with seasonal dog bans, Saunton Sands Beach welcomes dogs throughout the year. November, in particular, offers a quieter atmosphere, allowing your dog to enjoy the beach without any stress.
  • Surf's Up: For water-loving pups, the gently rolling waves of Saunton Sands Beach provide an excellent opportunity for some splashy fun.
  • Scenic Walks: Take leisurely strolls along the South West coast path, with your dog leading the way, and enjoy the stunning vistas of the Atlantic Ocean.

Book your stay today, and let the tail-wagging adventures begin! Book your apartment break online or call 01271 890212. 


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