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Saunton by EV

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Recharging your mind, body and spirit is guaranteed at Saunton Sands Hotel, but if you’re driving to us in an electric vehicle, it’s just as important to have car charging opportunities covered.

Drivers of electric vehicles know all too well the panic that sets in on a long journey when your planned charger is out of order and your car battery is at 20 per cent. Then there’s the planning to be done before setting off on a long trip to ensure you’ve got all the bases covered and have a few charging options up your sleeve – including the opportunity to fully charge when you reach your destination.


At Saunton Sands Hotel we want every bit of your holiday to be a breeze, and that includes eliminating range anxiety and charging concerns, which is why we’ve installed two Smappee chargers on site. They are type 2 connectors at 22 KW. 

To use Smappee, you’ll need to download the app, and this allows you to track both your charging levels and costs in real time. Find the app here: App store or Google Play.

We encourage all guests to bring their own leads and adaptors as although ours are standard they may not fit all.


Charging up on your journey

If you’re travelling across the UK to visit us, there are a few charging stops we recommend for charging speed and a pleasing experience.

Heading south on the M5

Gloucester Services Southbound, GL4 0UT
Grab good coffee and crisp pastries to go, or stop for a proper meal and take a little time out at the pondside outdoor tables. The local food and lifestyle shopping is fabulous (don’t miss the patisserie section).
Type2 (22kW), 3 x CCS (50kW), CHAdeMO (50kW)

Off the M5 at Bristol

Mollie’s Motel and Diner, Cribbs Causeway, BS10 7TL
An attractive diner stop (created by Soho House founder) where humans and vehicles can recharge in style. The coffee’s good and there’s even overnight accommodation if you just can’t drive another mile.
5 x CCS (50kw), CHAdeMO (50kW)

Heading north from south Devon and Cornwall

Darts Farm, near Exeter, EX3 0QH (Tesla only)
A great stop for breakfast, lunch or tea, plus some fabulous local food and lifestyle shopping. There’s plenty of outside space where kids can run around too. This is a Tesla Supercharger spot with 12 chargers that include four 250kW and eight 120kW Tesla chargers.

For a recharge on the road to north Devon

Lidl Tiverton, EX16 4JX
Grab a snack and charge up for the last leg between the M5 and Saunton.
Type 2 (22kW), CHAdeMo (50kW), CCS (50kW)

For more information on the hotel’s EV charging provision, give us a call on 01271 890212.

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