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Discover Saunton Winter's Magic

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1st October 2023 - 28th March 2024

Winter's embrace often evokes images of snow-covered landscapes, crackling fires, and cosy corners. Yet, there's an untouched winter gem awaiting in North Devon, and more specifically, the luxurious Saunton Sands Hotel. Here are some compelling reasons why this coastal sanctuary should be your top choice for a winter retreat.

RHS Rosemoor in Winter

The Seasonal Devon Experience

North Devon, in winter, transforms into a mesmerizing blend of wild coastlines, crisp air, and serene atmospheres. Saunton Sands Hotel captures this very essence, offering an authentic Devon experience. From the frost-kissed morning landscapes to the gentle hum of the evening tide, it's a seasonal treat unlike any other.

Couple walking down the board walk to the beach

Rejuvenating Winter Weekend Getaways

Sometimes, all you need is a short escape to recharge. Saunton Sands curates special weekend getaways during the winter, ensuring you return to your routine rejuvenated and inspired. It's a slice of luxury amid the tranquil English winter.

Children playing on path

Family-friendly with a Special Touch

Saunton Sands has a delightful offering for families: children under 12 stay for free! It's not just a holiday; it's a bonding experience, an adventure sprinkled with luxuries and memories waiting to be created.

Fine Dining at Saunton Sands Hotel

A Connoisseur's Delight: The Italian Wine Weekend

For those who cherish the finer experiences in life, the Italian Wine Weekend offers an unmatched blend of luxury, sophistication, and authenticity. Delve into the rich world of Italian wines without ever leaving the stunning surroundings of North Devon.

Double Treatment Room Massage

Winter Spa Breaks: Tranquillity Meets Luxury

Winter brings with it a longing for comfort and warmth. Saunton Sands' Winter Spa Breaks are designed to indulge these very senses. Think soothing massages, aromatic essences, and an overall ambience of peace.

Santa's Grotto at Saunton Sands Hotel

Festive Breaks that Sparkle

We don't just embrace the frosty beauty of winter; it celebrates the season's festivities in grand style. As the year winds down and the festive spirit comes alive, the hotel transforms into a celebratory haven. Whether you're captivated by the magic of pre-Christmas midweek breaks, the joyous aura of festive weekend wonders, or the exhilarating thrill of New Year's Eve celebrations, there's something magical awaiting everyone.

Couple looking at the beach from the dunes during a winter sunset

An Environment That Mesmerises

Saunton Sands Hotel isn't just about the indoors. The external environment – the vast stretches of beaches, the stunning landscapes, and the untouched beauty of North Devon – is a USP in itself. It's where nature and luxury coexist harmoniously.

Couple walking on the beach wearing one of our branded Dryrobes

Unique Beach Experience with dryrobes®

Walking along the beach during winter is an experience unto itself. And Saunton Sands ensures you do it in style and comfort. Guests can borrow dryrobes®, ensuring that their beach walks are cosy, comfortable, and utterly memorable.

Two glasses of red wine served in the Terrace Lounge

A True Feel of Cosiness

There's a unique warmth at Saunton Sands, with its plush terrace lounge, the inviting cocktail bar, the comforting beverages, and the staff's ever-welcoming smiles. It's the embodiment of a winter haven.

Which winter break?

Whether you fancy an overnight stay with spa experiences or an indulgent weekend getaway of non-stop gourmet adventures, we've got it covered.

Which will you choose?

To book your break, visit our website, call our reservation team on 01271 890212 or email 

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