20th March 2018

Lamb Curry, with Dez Turland

Dez Turland, Development Chef at Brend Hotels based at Saunton Sands, has filmed at the hotel a series of Youtube videos titled 'Off the Block'. In this edition he discusses the popular Lamb Curry dish... 

Seen as quite a complex dish, this version of Lamb Curry gives a twist to lamb meat, which is found on every menu throughout the Brend Group as North Devon is a wonderful source for fresh ingredients, and we always work with our local butchers to obtain the best produce possible.  

This particular dish takes four different cuts of lamb, each prepared, cooked and presented in their own unique and delicious way. The lamb shoulder is slowly cooked to tenderness until it's just falling to pieces, the neck meat is carefully cooked in curry spices and stock, the sweetbreads are coated and pan fried to perfection and the loin is treated with care and pan fried with the fat on to keep all the flavours intact. 

To make the complete dish come to life a cauliflour and coconut puree is spread over the plate, and handmade spicy onion bhajis are deep fried and served with the lamb. Delicious. 

Most people think of curry being in a bowl, but this is Dez offering something different - it's his twist on what it means to eat curry with all the flavours but a "blow you away apperance"! 

To Dez this dish is all about trying new things. It represents desire, dedication and willingness to always stay at the top of dining hospitality. With the help of Dez and head chef Mathias Oberg, Saunton Sands has achieved two AA rosettes for dining

It's fair to say that our Terrace Lounge offers one of the best views in North Devon when dining, as guests can enjoy their meal with views of the beach and sea. 

Dez has filmed another clip for 'Off the Block' so view his approach to a unique beef dish