20th March 2018

Saunton Dishes; Tongue in Cheek, with Dez Turland

Dez Turland, our Development Chef at Brend Hotels, has filmed at Saunton Sands a series of videos titled 'Off the Block'. In this edition Dez tells us about a special and unique dish called Tongue in Cheek, a must try if you ever see it on our menus...

Overlooking four miles of golden sands on the North Devon coast, the hotel is ideally positioned to source meat and produce locally. Infact, all our beef is farmed within 15 miles and we work with local butchers to use the hightest quality of meat, giving our guests only the finest ingredients throughout our menu.  

For this Tongue in Cheek dish, Dez uses beef tongue, cheek and a cut of Picanha too. The tongue is cooked really slowly, for five to six hours, in a white wine and vegetable stock until tender. It is then deep fried in breadcrumbs and flour so it's deliciously tender on the inside but crispy outside and ready to serve. 

The ox cheek is also cooked slowly over several hours in an ale stock with herbs and vegetables. Once cooked, it's shaped in cling film ready for the final preperations before bring served.     

For the Picanha rump steak, it's waterbathed slowly for six hours overnight before being caramalised in the frying pan. It's served rare and is truly a treat for the mouth. 

The dish is served up with roasted vegetables, including carrots and horseradish, which as any Englishman person will know goes wonderfully with beef. 

To Dez this dish is all about presentation, and the feedback is that our guests are blown away by the food and by the hotel. 

We couldn't have summed it up better ourselves when Dez says:

"If you're sat there overlooking this view, eating this great beef dish, looking out to sea, where else would you want to be in the world?"

Our Terrace Lounge offers a breathtaking view in North Devon, as guests can enjoy their luxurious meals with views of the beach and sea. With the help of Dez and head chef Mathias Oberg, Saunton Sands recently achieved two AA rosettes for dining

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