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Thermal Journey

Let us guide you through your thermal journey at Source Spa...

A true thermal journey is designed to take you step by step, through a range of spa facilities to elevate and cool your body’s temperature.

The alternation between increasingly hot and cold temperatures is reported to stimulate and improve your circulation by increasing white blood cells, relax aching muscles, aid the flushing of toxins to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin and boost your immune system. The experience is also incredibly luxurious and invigorating!

1. Prepare & relax

First, be sure to remove all jewellery. Begin the experience by showering in warm water to open skin pores, cleansing your body in our luxurious contrast tropical rain shower with waterfall and massage jets.

Next, take in the gorgeous views across Saunton Beach and beyond in the beachview marine vitality pool. It’s filled with mineral-rich Dead Sea salt water and uses powerful massage jets to work the whole body. This eliminates muscular tension, improves circulation and provides a mini-hydrotherapy experience alongside many other health and beauty benefits.

2. Refresh & cleanse

Refresh with a cleansing shower: start with warm water as cold exposure causes skin pores to close and could potentially trap pool chemicals. Follow with a cold shower to bring your body temperature down. Some experts claim the principle is 3-1. You should be in the hot water three times longer than the cold water, for example: 90 seconds hot, 30 seconds cold. It’s equally important to hydrate with a glass of water throughout your journey.

Once cleansed, heat things up in the salt inhalation steam room, where the gentle heat releases pure salt vapour into the air as you relax in serene surroundings. Breathe deeply and slowly to inhale the healing saline atmosphere which aids breathing and relaxation. Then hydrate.

3. Warm up & cool down

Cool off under the cascading water of the contrast showers, then elevate your temperature in our hottest room, the Finnish aroma sauna, to enjoy the combination of dry heat and essential oils.

To finish, take inspiration from the Finnish tradition of rolling in the snow post-sauna: rapidly cool off by rubbing crushed ice into the skin from our ice fountain. Alternatively, take a cold shower. Hydrate with another glass of water.

Jump back in the vitality pool after a cold shower for pure relaxation – just remember to shower off before cooling down. Leave feeling refreshed and invigorated.

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