26th July 2019

Source Spa & Wellness - 10 Reasons to Visit a Spa

July 2019 

A visit to a spa can certainly leave you feeling physically prepped, preened and pampered but a visit to a spa is much more than just a beautifying experience. A visit to a spa can actually kick start a healthy lifestyle or can help reconnect you to a loved one; if nothing else it can help reset and revive you from the daily stresses of our busy schedules. 

Here are 10 reasons why you should visit a Spa: 

1. Stress management

Life can be stressful we get it, whilst a trip to a spa can’t remove those daily stresses (sorry!) enjoying a massage, or simply sitting in a thermal suite, salt inhalation steam room or finnish aroma sauna will certainly help relieve stress. In fact, Ice therapy is renowned for many health and beauty benefits which is why we offer ice fountain and contrast showers as part of the thermal suite journey.

2. To be inspired

A trip to the spa allows you to really slow down and live in the moment. The power of touch during a massage can instantly relieve stress and tension,  providing a clearer mind and focus. Here’s where you can re-evaluate life from a professional or personal perspective. A chance to reset the internal compass and leave feeling, revived and rejuvenated for the day, week or month ahead.

3. Improved self-esteem and confidence

When we take care of ourselves when we do things that look after our mind & body it ultimately has a positive effect on our body image and gives us a boost to our self-esteem. Book yourself in for a beauty, body or facial treatment today and reap the benefits mind, body & soul.

4. Anti-ageing and skin benefits

A proper skincare regime can do absolute wonders for a whole host of skin issues such as acne scarring, pigmentation, ageing and rosacea to name a few. Spa therapists are trained and educated in the treatments and products they offer, so are able to advise you on all treatments and take-home skincare for a whole host of skin concerns.

Find out about our Source Spa Collection, Kerstin Florian and iS Clinical products.  Most products can be bought from reception and make an indulgent treat, a considerate gift or a new way of life.

5. Pain management

Water and heat therapies can help with pain management. Water therapy can help with musculoskeletal conditions including fibromyalgia, arthritis and lower back pain. The weightlessness your body experiences in a swimming pool or the effects of a quick plunge in cold water or the contrast of heat therapy experienced from sitting in a sauna or steam room can all help with the management of pain.

We also have a weekly physiotherapy and sports injury clinic at Source.

6. Improved sleep

Hormones, stress and anxiety can affect many things including your patterns of sleep. A mixture of the silence, the heat and the solitude of relaxing in our thermal suite followed by the cooling down process and normalising of body temperature with soothe you into a state of relaxation and can aid better sleep.

7. Detox

Our environment is full of harmful toxins which affect us mentally and physically. Our bodies are designed to naturally detox themselves but treatments such as lymphatic drainage massage, body wraps or facials can all help the body function at optimum levels. As can your diet. You will be encouraged to stay hydrated throughout your spa experience and you can enjoy a juice, smoothie or light and refreshing lunch in the Source the Gallery Restaurant to leave the spa feeling totally energised.

8. Weight loss

There is no quick fix to weight loss but once you become educated on health & fitness you can start making consistent lifestyle changes that will benefit your health and fitness long term. Our memberships include access to all of our facilities including swimming pools, tennis courts and state of the art gym. We also have fitness classes including yoga, pilates & High-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Why not invest in a session with a personal trainer who can create a programme that is bespoke to you?

9. Improved circulation and blood pressure

Treatments and facilities that can be enjoyed whilst at a spa such as heat or ice therapy, hydrotherapy, massage and facials can improve circulation and reduce blood pressure. a full consultation before any treatment is required to highlight any conditions that may require particular treatments or facilities are avoided.

10. To reconnect with loved ones

Last but not least. Spas can be a perfect place to reconnect with a loved one and rekindle some romance. We have treatments that are for two or couples which can be enjoyed in our double treatment room.

A spa is also a great destination for a girls trip away with your friends, sister or mum. You can slope off to one of our 6 luxury treatment rooms and later regroup and enjoy some healthy hedonism overlooking the stunning vista that is Saunton Sands.

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