5th August 2022

Why you should make time to get outside this winter

Getting outside in winter is just as (if not more) important than the rest of the year. Whatever the weather, there are excellent reasons to get outside this season. Winter has its own wonders, from the stillness of the frozen air to the frost coasted trees, winter provides a feast to the senses. And while it’s nice to curl up with a cosy blanket and a mug of tea when temperatures drop, the cold doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying the benefits of time outside, which are important all year round.

Keep on reading to find out more about the benefits of getting outside this winter. 

It can help you to be mindful

Being outdoors, away from the distractions of emails, calls and texts can help us really reconnect with ourselves, our breathing and the world around us. It’s the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the things we experience on a daily basis and focus on the tiny details around us - like how the frosty leaves feel underfoot or how the cold air feels on our faces.

It can improve your sleep

The cold, grey days of winter can leave you feeling exhausted before the day even begins. But lazing around, going straight from work to cosy up at home isn’t going to help you get a good night’s sleep. Regular exercise and getting outside in nature will boost your energy levels during the day and lead to better sleep at night.

It can help you get moving 

Cold weather often means that you’ll spend less time outdoors, whether that’s for recreation or walking for transportation. Even if you schedule time for exercise, without the time in the garden or strolls to work and town, you are likely getting less exercise overall. Moderate exercise can boost your mood, improve your concentration and keep you alert. So if you’re sick of feeling stiff and draggy? Bundle up and head out for a walk.

It can lift your mood

The darker months of winter are well known for affecting our mood. Exposing yourself to the sun’s rays and the all-important vitamin D is one of the best remedies for the winter blues. Sunlight provokes the release of serotonin, one of those important feel-good chemicals. 

It’s a good way to connect with people

With modern living often promoting isolation through digital communications, there’s never been a better time to put yourself out there and interact in-person and in real-time. Stepping outside is a great way to do this, whether you meet someone on the street or during a walk it’s a great way to connect with others. 

It could be fun!

In the UK it might not snow often, but when it does it’s certainly a fab excuse to get outside and play. Whether it’s building a snowman or sledging down a hill, it’s a great reminder to keep us young at heart and give us and those around us a genuine laugh. And even when it’s not snowing, but it’s just a little frosty outside,  you can still wrap up warm and go welly wandering through local woods, coast paths and trails.


It’s easy to forego the pleasures of contact with nature when colder temperatures keep us from leisurely strolls or time in the garden. By consciously working some outside time into your winter routine, whether it’s building a snowman, hiking through the woods, or skiing — you can enjoy the benefits of time outdoors all year round.