30th July 2019

Marine Spa Thermal Journey

To help you enjoy and gain the maximum benefit from the marine salt vitality pool and thermal suite we recommend you take the following thermal journey during your visit:

1.Contrast Showers 

Prepare your body by showering in our luxurious contrast tropical rain shower, cascading waterfall and massage jets. The warm water will help open up your skin's pores and cleanse your body. 

2. Marine Vitality Pool 

Relax and let the mineral rich dead sea salt water and powerful massage jets work your whole body. This will eliminate muscular tension and improve circulation by providing a mini-hydrotherapy experience.

3. Refresh

When you leave the pool, enjoy a cleansing shower and drink a glass of water to help refresh and hydrate your body.  

4. Marine Salt Inhalation Steam Room 

Bathe in the marine-salt-infused steam room and let your skin absorb the cleansing salt. Breathing deeply and slowly to inhale the healing saline atmosphere to help with breathing and relaxation. 

5. Contrast Showers 

Cooldown and enjoy a refreshing cold shower under the cascading water of our contrast showers. 

6. Finnish aroma sauna 

The peak of your thermal journey, the more intense dry heat of the aroma sauna will help open the skin up and flush out the toxins while elevating the immune system. 

7. Ice Fountain 

Rapidly cool your body by rubbing crushed ice onto the skin. After an intense heat experience, we recommend taking a handful and rubbing it against the back of your neck or on your wrists. This helps to return the body to ambient temperature, closing the skin’s pores. 

8. Relaxation 

Take time to relax by taking a swim or just laying on a pool lounger and letting your body and mind drift away. 

Inspired by the natural playground of Saunton Sands, Source Spa and Wellness was born. The awe-inspiring golden dunes of the world heritage biosphere and the sound of the  Atlantic waves rolling create a unique environment and a complete sense of wellness.