12th November 2019

Source Spa and Wellness 5-bubble rating!

We are immensely proud that Saunton Sands Hotel has received a 5-bubble rating from The Good Spa Guide for Source Spa and Wellness.

The trademark bubble recognition indicates The Good Spa Guide’s overall verdict from each spa visited and is decided by the spa-goers who travel up and down the country, visiting the most sublime spas. It’s a huge achievement for our luxurious Source Spa and Wellness to receive such recognition. 

The Guide directs readers to the right spa in the right location. Featuring in-depth reviews by its ‘Spa Spies’ so you can get the most out of your spa experience.

Their Spa Spy review of Source Spa details the breathtaking location, gloriously relaxing treatments and the calming ambience.

Saunton Sands Hotel is a grand art deco hotel at one end of a three mile stretch of golden sand and UNESCO Biosphere Reserves sand dunes. The view even from the car park is jaw-dropping. The modern Source Spa and Wellness has its own three-story wing at the end of the hotel, its thermal suite, couple’s treatment room and relaxation lounge with to-die-for views. Bubble away in the infinity pool and gaze at the stretch of golden sand, lapping waves and pantone blue skies.’

Also included in the review is a detailed write-up of the rejuvenating treatments:

‘Rosie began the treatment by washing my feet, then worked on my back with swift, long, vigorous movements, stretching and rolling with her forearms, paying attention to my knotty shoulders. I was fast-tracked to a realm of blissful relaxation. She worked the stretching strokes into the back of my neck and down along my spine. After I turned over, she massaged the fronts of my legs before working up to my arms and décolletage. She ended the lovely treatment by wrapping me in towels, raising the bed and opening the curtains.’

Find the review here

Here’s to another year of blissful treatments and relaxing experiences at Saunton Sands Hotel and Source Spa and Wellness.