20th March 2019

Spring gastronomy evening a huge success

Celebrating the bounty of West Country PGI beef and lamb, our spring gastronomy evening at the Beachside Grill on March 1 was a masterclass in fine British dining at the hands of five extremely talented chefs. 

Each chef took it in turn to dazzle with exquisite beef and lamb dishes, including:

  • Hari Ghotra’s Kashmiri chilli marinated Cornish lamb cutlets served with a spicy bonda potato cake, Punjab pickled onions and avocado yoghurt.
  • Chef Louisa Ellis’ Exmoor dry aged steak tartare with truffle mayonnaise, mushroom ketchup, beef fat croutons and oyster leaf.
  • Chris Wheeler (from Stoke Park) then served surf and turf with Exmoor steak fillet, scallop and mushroom risotto, and trumpette de la mort.
  • Our very own Dez Turland delighted with Cornish lamb, ras el harout, barbecue aubergine with chickpeas and chickpea purée.
  • Ending this gastronomic delight was Brend Hotel Academy graduate (and another of our skilled chefs), Pheonix Di Giorgi, who served up an incredible chocolate tort.

The event was attended by more than 60 diners including food bloggers and farmers from the region who all raved about the exceptional quality of the food.

To be accredited as West Country PGI (Protected Geographical Indications), beef and lamb must be produced within the six South West England counties, and with at least 70 per cent of the animals’ feed made up of natural forage.