15th August 2020

Supporting Plastic Free North Devon

Why we're proud to support Plastic Free North Devon.

Knowledge about the devastating impact of single-use plastics on the environment is, thankfully, becoming far more widespread.

Local volunteers set up the charity Plastic Free North Devon to protect and improve our local habitat through community-led action to combat plastic pollution. Volunteers make a difference by organising beach cleans, refilling reusable water bottles at summer festivals and rallying those who visit to our stunning coastline to help protect the beautiful landscape through their Holiday and Ambassador Projects.

Check out the charity’s website for more information: www.plasticfreenorthdevon.org


In addition to supporting Plastic Free North Devon, we’ve committed to looking after the environment in the following ways:

• Recycling We have diverted 80% of our waste from landfill.

• Creating green energy All food waste is converted into electricity.

• Making common sense changes We’ve reduced our total energy use and Co2 emissions by 15% since 2006.

• Reducing carbon emissions We have reduced our emissions by an estimated 6000 tonnes so far.

• Sourcing locally We’re supporting local farmers as well as cutting down on unnecessary food miles.

• Changing our bulbs We use low energy LED lights

• Using renewable solar and biomass energy The hotel is now functioning on 70% renewable energy and we have a biomass woodchip boiler.

• Creating resource management teams Each Brend Hotel has its own Environmental Action Plan.

• Championing sustainable tourism.

• Promoting leaders Our environmental team drives initiatives and continually monitor our energy use.

Ride a sustainable wave

Keen wave riders have long lusted over the bespoke craftsmanship of the wooden bellyboards handcrafted at Dick Pearce and Friends in Newquay. Shunning disposable, imported, polystyrene boards and instead using sustainable materials crafted on antique kit, these boards are made to be treasured. 

Find out more: www.dickpearce.com

Wooden bellyboards can also be hired at Saunton Surf Hire with all profits being donated to local charities - please note this is currently a click and collect service only.