18th January 2020

The power of Finnish Wellness

Health and beauty magazine Top Santé recently recommended Source Spa and Wellness in relation to our state-of-the-art Finnish Aroma Sauna.

The piece emphasizes the Finnish approach to wellness; using saunas, cold water and the natural ingredients available to them to purify and rejuvenate mind, body and soul.

When talking to Tina Isohanni, of Finnish skincare brand Lumene she revealed ‘’of course there’s also our cultural love of saunas and cold water – us Finns have always understood the importance of activating blood circulation to keep a beautiful glow. Even when they don’t have a daily sauna, many Nordic women finish their cleansing routine with a splash of ice-cold water’’.

At Source Spa and Wellness we wanted to create a Finnish Aroma Sauna because of these benefits. Basking in the dry heat in the sauna is a wonderful way to begin your thermal journey at Source, it’s heated to 95°c and scented with a range of neutral, calming aromas to aid relaxation plus it acts as a natural stress reliever, soothes aches and pains, improves cardiovascular health and leaves you feeling radiant. We’ve uncovered our top sauna tips, here.

‘Saunas are known to increase blood circulation, de-stress the body and remove toxins from the skin’.

Using our Contrast Showers and Ice Fountain is too an important part of the Finnish inspired journey – immersing yourself in cold water can have incredible results: relieving muscle tension, reducing inflammation, cleansing the skin and increasing alertness


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