22nd November 2019

Winter Gastronomy Review

We are so pleased that the second Gastronomy Evening at our sister restaurant Beachside Grill was a roaring success last week. The event celebrated the exquisite bounty of West Country Beef and Lamb PGI (Protected Geographical Indications), with six extremely talented chefs taking turns to dazzle diners with exceptional meat dishes.

West Country Beef and Lamb PGI was set up 15 years ago by local farmers, to highlight and distinguish the region’s high-quality meat. To be accredited as West Country PGI, the beef and lamb must be produced within the South West, and for at least 70 per cent of the animals’ feed to be made up of natural forage.

A congregation of South West foodies gathered to get stuck into the stunning dishes including food writers and farmers from the region. Food Magazine writer Selena Young wrote:

‘The result is sumptuous, top-notch produce which is not only fabulous to eat, it’s also fabulous to cook with. Chefs Jake Bawn of Beachside Grill; Donna Berry of The Swan; Chris Wheeler of Stoke Park; Adam Lestrelle of The Roehampton Club; freelance chef Rob Kennedy and chef consultant Peter Gorton joined the Beachside Grill’s kitchen and wowed diners with a feast fit for any discerning farmer.’

The review of the event detailed every single sumptuous dish, with not one hitting a single bum note:

‘The slow braised lamb was cooked overnight in red wine, and celeriac made a delicious alternative to the standard pasta, resulting in euphoric mouthfuls of sumptuous lamb that oozed with velvety cheese’.

After five indulgent courses of beef and lamb dishes, the night finished on a sweet high:

The evening of glorious gluttony finished on a high with a glass of Prosecco and Jake Bawn’s show-stopping pud. An impeccably presented 70 per cent bitter chocolate sphere, coated in orange dusting, concealed an unctuous chocolate filling and was paired with a syrupy orange sponge – delish.’

Read the full review here.