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Find the answers to most questions you may have about Source Spa and Wellness, our spa memberships, spa facilities, spa days, gym and swimming pool opening times or please feel free to message us via the enquiry form below or pick up the phone and give us a call on 01271 890212.

Opening / closing times

What are the opening times of the spa area?

7.00am - 9.30pm

What are the treatment times?

10.00am - 8.00pm

Swimming Times

School Holidays

  • Members and adults: 7.00am - 9.00am
  • Residents with children and members: 9.00am - 5.00pm
  • Members and adults: 5.00pm - 9.30pm

Non-School Holidays

  • Adults - residents + members: 7.00am-3.00pm
  • Residents with children + members: 3.00-5.30pm
  • Adults - residents + members: 5.30-9.30pm

​​​​​7.00am - 9.30pm. Last entry to the pool is 9pm. Facilities close at 9.30pm. Members are also permitted to use the outdoor pool which is open between May and September.

What times are your classes?
See our current fitness timetable here

What are children’s hours for swimming?
See first question

Do you offer adult only hours in the pool?
Yes, see first question

What times will the créche be open?
10.00am - 5.00pm - closed for lunch between 12.00pm and 12.30pm

Do I pay for the créche (playroom)?
The créche is available to hotel residents and members
Members have the opportunity to put their children in our hotel créche for 2 hours per day at £5 per hour. 
Hotel residents are entitled to 2 hours of free childcare per day.
Both are subject to availability and booking essential.


How long is the pool?

How deep is the pool?
1.5m at its deepest and 1m at the shallow end


What is the temperature of the pool?
28 - 32˚C

What temperature is the salt Inhalation steam room?
40 - 45˚C

What is the temperature of the Finnish sauna?
70 - 90˚C (usually 85°C)

What is the temperature of the ice fountain?

What is the temperature of the contrast shower?
Temperature controlled by the user

What is the temperature of the marine vitality pool?

Experience benefits

What are the benefits of a true thermal journey?
Increase in white blood cells, which aids the flushing of toxins from the skin, intermittently cooling down and elevating the body’s temperature for optimum results. The cooling ice is ideal in between a series of warm heat in the sauna and steam room. Read more.

What are the benefits of the sauna?
Muscle relaxation, stress relief, elimination of waste products, cleansing of the skin, boosting of the immune system, respiratory relief and congestion relief. Read more.

What are the benefits of the marine steam room?
As above, in addition to pore cleansing and softening of the skin, salt inhalation also helps clear the upper respiratory tract by bronchial exfoliation. Read more.

What are the benefits of the ice fountain?
The shock of the ice can create laughter aiding stress relief. Muscle relaxation as the blood flow increases whilst going from hot to cold, elimination of waste products, cleansing and tightening of the skin. Read more.

What are the benefits of the vitality pool?
Hydrotherapy massages your muscles, the benefits of the salt in the air are good for the airways and the Dead Sea salt can soften the skin. Read more.

Pregnant women / medical issues

Can I use the spa if I’m pregnant, have high or low blood pressure or asthma?
Guests should consult with their GPs before attending the spa to avoid disappointment, if any doubt is present it should always be the guest’s decision as in a court of law we are not medically qualified. 


What product brands are you using?
iS Clinical - Cosmeceutical range
Source Spa Collection is created by The Natural Spa Factory 

Are your products tested on animals?
The Source Spa Collection (developed by The Natural Spa Factory) and iS Clinical state that they are NOT tested on animals.
iS Clinical also state that their products are vegan except for ethically sourced honey in some products.

What if I have a reaction to product/treatment?
Spa Manager to put in place

Membership benefits

  • Full use of all hotel leisure facilities
  • One to one induction to the gym
  • VIP access to club events and seminars
  • 10% off treatments and products
  • 5% off food and drink
  • Towels, robe and flip-flops on each visit
  • Fitness and wellbeing classes daily (excludes twilight memberships)
  • Access to childcare
  • 4 guest passes annually
  • Additional guest passes can be purchased
  • Complimentary locker use
  • 10% off accommodation across the Brend Group

Find out more about becoming a member here

Membership Fees

Full Annual Membership (7am-10pm):

Single membership from £1000 

Paid upfront: £1000 for year
(+one-off reduced joining fee of £100)

Monthly Direct Debit: £85
(+one-off £250 joining fee)

Joint membership from £2000

Paid upfront: £2000 for year
(+one-off reduced joining fee of £100)

Monthly Direct Debit: £170
(+one-off £250 joining fee)

Twilight annual membership (5pm-10pm)

Single membership from £700

Paid upfront: £700 for year
(+one-off reduced joining fee of £50)

Monthly Direct Debit: £62.50
(+one-off £100 joining fee)

Joint Twilight Memberships are not available

Can I cancel my Direct Debit at any time?
Yes, with 2 months notice, for annual membership notice needs to be given 2 months before the end, see membership T&Cs here

Can I freeze my membership?
You may freeze your membership for between one calendar month and 12 calendar months for the following reasons: pregnancy, serious injury, redundancy and when Government restrictions are in place that prohibits the use of spa facilities.

How often can I freeze?

Do I get charged for freezing?
At the discretion of Management

Can I try the spa before I buy a membership?
Prospective members can book in for a free one-on-one or group tour with our membership manager

Can I transfer my membership?
See T&C’s

Can I get a refund 
See T&C’s

Will you cap your membership?
Yes, we envisage that we will have no more than 200 members with our current set-up, our research suggests that at any one time no more than 20% of members will use the facility

Do members have a member account or is it pay as you go?
It is a pay as you go system

Do you send a monthly statement?

Do you have a corporate membership?

Can I get a discount for my family membership?
No, but we do offer a joint full annual membership where we charge just one joining fee, saving £100 or £250 depending on how whether you elect to pay by Direct Debit or the year up front. No discounts available for twilight spa memberships.

Can I bring children with me to use the pools if I am a member?
Members that joined before 19th July 2001 are permitted to bring one child of preschool age per member to use indoor and outdoor pools during family swim times. Members joined after this date will not be permitted to bring children to use the pools.

What if I’ve lost my membership card, can I still access and do you charge for a new one?
Replacements issued free of charge

Can I pay an annual in 2 or 3 instalments?
Monthly Direct Debit or year up front, joining fee reduced to £100 from £250 for customers paying up front. Joining fee is paid up front irrespective and non refundable. For twilight spa members, the fee is included in the pricing.

If my membership lapses do I need to pay the joining fee again?
Not if you rejoin within a 1 month period

Day/hotel guests

Will you have day guests?
Yes, we offer spa day packages

How many guest passes do I get on sign up and can I purchase these at a special rate?
4 guest passes per year - Additional guest passes may be purchased from Spa Reception for £45 per day 

Do guests of members get discounts on services and retail?
No, the member would get the discount off of their bill

How many day guests will you have a day?
20 max

Can hotel guests use the spa?

Food and drink

Do members get discounts on food, beverages and accommodation?
Yes, 5% on food and beverages and 10% on accommodation. However, we are unable to process your 5% discount if you use the Brend Ordering App.

What time are food and beverages served?
Food is served 7.30am-9.00pm, serving times for breakfast, lunch and dinner may vary, please see our dining pages for more.

Check in

Do I need to check in each time?
Yes, with your membership or room card


How is the pool cleaned, is it chlorine or ozone?

Will there be a lifeguard on duty?


How many classes do you run?
Multiple classes daily, the amount will vary season to season, you can see our current fitness timetable here. The membership manager will keep you up to date with times, availability and classes. Classes will be exclusive to full annual members and residents, excludes twilight spa and gym members.

Do I pay for classes?
Classes are included in your full annual membership or if you are resident, subject to availability - booking essential. Twilight spa & gym members don't have access to daily fitness classes.

Do I book classes?
Yes, members have an online booking system and residents can book with guest relations.

How many members in a class?
It will depend on whether the class is held outside on the lawn, the Studio and dependant on the type of class.

Do you offer yoga/pilates?


How often do you run events for members?
Roughly one per month and will include events such as seminars and Christmas parties

Are members’ events charged?
Depends on the type of event

Can I bring friends to members’ events?
Depends on the event, often yes.

Online bookings

Can I book classes and treatments online?
Yes - members will be issued a link to book classes online. Treatments can be booked online here.

Is there a member app?
Not yet - but we do have an online booking portal.


How old do you have to be to use the spa?
16 years

Can I have my own personal locker?

Do you supply towels/robes/flip flops?

What’s your cancellation policy for treatments?
24 hrs

What qualifications/experience do your staff hold?
All staff are qualified in all necessary fields

What is your booking & cancellation policy for spa days?
Full payment is required upon booking your spa day. Should you need to cancel your spa day, you may get a full refund with 24 hours' notice. For COVID-19 related cancellations due to government restrictions, a full refund or a transfer to alternative dates will be offered.

Source Membership Terms & Conditions

Download a copy of our Terms & Conditions

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